Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dottie's Adoption Anniversary!

Today is the one year anniversary of Dottie coming home with us!

It seems like that was so long ago and yet sometimes it takes me by surprise how fast the time we have with our pets goes by. I can still remember when I first saw her picture on Petfinder and I sent the link to Joe "just to look." And then he decided that we should go visit her that weekend at the adoption show. Once again, "just to look." Well, to no one's surprise we came home with a puppy that day. And she has come such a long way since that original meeting.

When we first brought her home she was very sick and lethargic. Now she is healthy and full of spunk and personality. She is lovable and devoted making it impossible to stay mad at her when she pursues her ongoing sock addiction. Dottie loves everyone and is always ready to accept them as her new found best friend. She is the biggest of all three dogs, but also the biggest chicken of all. She is smart and funny, but also stubborn and independent. She was definitely a challenge when it came to training on a walk, but she taught me patience and perseverance. There were definitely times I became frustrated and upset with her during our training, but she never got upset with me and would always find a way to make me laugh at the end so that everything was forgiven. At times I wondered what I had been thinking when I said I wanted a puppy, but watching her grow and develop has been so satisfying.

Here is the picture that was posted for her in Petfinder and one I took this afternoon in our backyard. You can definitely tell she has come a long way since she was a shelter pup from Georgia.

When we first got Dottie she was a mere 15 lbs. Today she is a healthy 31 lbs. As you can tell from this picture even Joe has some trouble holding her up while I try and take as many pictures as possible before his arms start shaking too much.

"What are you trying to say Dad? That' I'm fat or something???"

We love you our wee Dot! We couldn't imagine our lives without your lovable and crazy ways. We might sleep a lot less now, but we also laugh a lot more.


  1. Hey Dottie... Happy Happy Happy Adoption/Gotcha Day!!!! Horrray for YOU!!

  2. Happy Gotcha Day, Dottie!! You were one adorable puppy, and a beautiful girl now. :-)

  3. You are a happy girl. A good company for the other poppies and for the humans as well. Happy to see you growing so well.

  4. Dottie, you got adopted and I got born on the same day! Well, several years in between but we won't count those. You are a lucky girl to have gotten such a wonderful forever home. Happy Father's Day to your terrific dad!

  5. Happy Gotcha Day.
    Love Ruby & Penny