Monday, June 14, 2010

Beach Adventure

This weekend we packed up and headed to the beach. A dog beach that is. A group of people from the local dog park got together and decided to plan a trip this past Sunday. Since none of my dogs have ever been to the beach Joe and I decided it would be a great adventure for them. Some of the other dog owners are experienced with doggy beaches so they suggested Brohard Paw Park in Venice, FL and on Sunday morning we met up at 8am and headed out.

I was curious to see how the pups would do at the beach and if they would even enjoy it. I'm happy to report that everyone had a good time, though not everyone agreed on which parts were fun...

Flash, of course, spent the whole time glued to his dad's side. Where Joe went Flash would follow. We wondered if Flash would like the beach, but he surprised us all by actually going into the water twice! The first time Joe coaxed him in, but I think Flash was more concerned with not letting Joe out of his sights that the fact that he was going towards a body of water was inconsequential. As soon as he started swimming Joe and I cheered and clapped for him enough to make professional cheerleaders jealous. He looked ADORABLE! Sadly, no pictures or video of Flash swimming since it's hard to keep an eye on three dogs near the water and take pictures at the same time even when there are two humans. The second time it took a lot more coaxing and persuading to get him to go in again in order to cool off. Eventually he walked in just enough to get his tummy wet, but then headed straight back for shore. After that he dug himself a hole in the sand and watched the rest of the day's activities with his usual disapproval of all the dogs running around. He didn't mind so much that we let him dig to his heart's content and that a lady was passing out chips. But I think his favorite part of the day was the long car ride. Flash loves anything that involves cruising in the car.

Dottie, our 1/3 Labrador retriever, had a great time smelling, digging in the sand, mingling with pups and begging for food, but did not want ANYTHING to do with the water. She looked at all of us like we were raving lunatics for going anywhere near that death trap. The water gently lapping onto shore was surely reaching out to drag her to her watery grave and dogs running in to chase balls were clearly suicidal. Even when we brought Alven over, who she loves and will often follow into any situation, we could not convince her that it was actually fun. She spent the whole time either at the canopy, or at a safe distance from the water. I'm hoping that with some training in the bath tub I can get her over her fear of water. Anyone have a dog they were able to train not be afraid of baths/water?

Alven is our water dog! He took the most advantage of all the beach had to offer. Alven loves bath's so I was almost certain he would be fine but I had no idea he was such an excellent swimmer. He swims very calmly and uses his big fluffy tail as a ruder. He is awesome to watch. The first time I led him to the water he stopped at the edge but after a small amount of persuasion he jumped right in like a big furry duck. He was amazing. He went swimming with me a few times and the rest of the time he spent covering himself in sand, digging holes, getting people to sneak him chips and saying hi to all the ladies.

The trip was great and we hope to go again maybe in July. It is a two and a half our trip so definitely not something we're up for every weekend. Maybe by then I'll be able to convince Dottie that water does not equal death.


  1. Way to go, Alven!! That's really impressive! I hope you can convince your siblings to swim with you next time.

  2. Alllllllrighty then Alven. That is grrrreat. I am a bit more like Dottie and Flash myself. The beach is grrrrreat butt the water is... well simply put, the water is WET.
    What a grrrreat day you had. Each in his or her own way. What more could anydawg ask for???
    I surely hope you all plan to play the NameGame for the Fourth of July. I would love to know how your got your names.

  3. Hahaha reading this gives me hope that my little dachshund will love the water as much as Alven does.

  4. That looks like so much fun. We would love to dig in the sand.
    Wish we had a beach.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  5. Whohoo! Way to go Alven!! We personally, find water distasteful - ok-we downright HATE it!!
    Dad & Mamma took us to the beach....ONCE! We stood in the salt water, raced back to the beach, rolled in the sand (we looked like sugar donuts!!) and had to undergo baths as soon as we got home!
    Too much effort for very little fun!

    Suits us just fine!

    (((Hugs)) your friends
    Oskar, Schatzi & Xena

  6. love the pictures and stories. Flash looks very dapper with that multicolored towel behind him. I love how dottie seems to camaflouge with the sand, and the picture of Alven swimming was priceless! I don't know why we thought they would act any other way. How they actually spent their time sounds just like them. Wish me and my pups were there!

    Aunt Nati

  7. great pictures! Each with their own beach side. Dottie is getting bigger and bigger. You can not see her baby face any more. She is awesome. Only Alven and the sea. And Flash with his "love me please" face.
    It was a good experience for all five of you.
    I'm glad

  8. This was super Fun day for all!
    Even my Mr. flash swam!