Monday, April 26, 2010

What, I can sleep on the bed? Okay, I forgive you.

So, I have decided to forgive Mom. It seems that Dad did make it home in one piece after being eaten by a giant airplane bird. Some of you thought perhaps he wasn't going to be thrown up like I thought, but rather pooped out. I sure hope I was right...Anyway, the other reason why I decided to forgive Mom was because on the night before Dad came home she said we could celebrate by all of us sleeping on the bed with her. That was a real treat and went a long way towards winning me back.

It's a good thing we all jumped right on the bed before she could change her mind, because as soon as we settled in she said she remembered why it was we weren't usually allowed. There was almost no room left for her! Heehee. Oh well. Too bad for her there is a no takesies backsies policy in this house. She had to go get a second blanket just so she wouldn't have to share with Dottie and Alven (they are what you call blanket hogs). I don't know about Mom, but we all agreed that we slept great that night! Good times.


  1. I showed this to my mom. She laughed and laughed beclaws she remembers when she had the three short hairs..all at once. They LOVED to bed sleep and wanted the WHOLE thingy to themselves.
    I think you three look just perfect myself.
    Glad your dad got home safe and that you have forgiven your mom.

  2. Good thing we do not do this everyday there would no where for me to sleep.


  3. ooh isn't it nice to sleep in bed with your humans? how dare they not let u do that every day! ;)


  4. Oh, we remember those days, when we were all allowed to sleep in the hooman bed! *sigh*
    good times indeed!

    (although we are pretty happy in our own beds).

    ((hugs)) your friends
    Oskar, Schatzi & Xena

  5. Hee hee hee! We always sleep wit mom sept for Pompei cause he takes up ALLLLLL the room. Oh an mom says guide dog puppies aren't allowed on the bed.
    ~Texas n Bubbles

  6. I used to be allowed on the bed too. Until my mom discovered I "marked" her side of the bed while she was gone at work. I tried to explain that I was just letting her know how much I love her. Can you believe she didn't appreciate it! Anyway, now its only Saturday mornings that the pups are allowed up. I don't know how much longer I can live this sub-standard life. (Good thing I have stealth ninja moves and sneak up during the night). Enjoy it while it lasts cousins, enjoy it while it lasts!

    Cousin Maria

  7. I do not see where mom could go to sleep. It was this a share or a exchange?