Wednesday, March 3, 2010

First Meetings

Today I was reminisicing and looking at old pictures when I realized I've never posted pictures of our pup's first days at home. So here it is:

February 2, 2008 Flash comes to live with us. The first day was a little rough on him since he was so scared and very sick. He had been hauled in a truck from a rescue in Alabama, to a shelter in Florida and then we take him to our house in Orlando; all in the span of two days. Needless to say it was a lot for him to take in.

After a while he decided that wherever Joe was he was going to call home. And then he became part of the family.

June 20, 2009 Dottie enters the house. When we saw her at the adoption show her rescue group was having I remember Joe and I saying how she was the calmest of all the puppies there and would be a great fit. Turns out she was actually sick. Everyone joked that if I had 100 dogs to choose from I would always end up picking the sick one. The first couple of days she was pretty lethargic and just concentrating on getting better.

After a while, and some vet visits, we started seeing the really Dottie come out and we knew we were in for a crazy ride!

Flash and Dottie didn't get to meet right away since she was sick so they could only smell each other through the doggy gate. At their first real meeting I think Flash was hoping we could return her.

July 25, 2009 Alven is going to come over so we can take some pictures and convince my sister to adopt him. Sister says not ready to adopt a dog just yet since she will be moving soon, but Skip, the man who first rescued him, is already on the way with Alven. We agree that having three dogs is crazy talk and will not even consider the possibility. Perhaps we can still take pictures and somehow manage to convince the sister she can adopt him now.

Dottie falls in love with Alven on sight and offers a leg nibble as a welcome gift. Immediately they become best friends and go roll in dead grass.

Flash gives us a look like we're nuts but decides to at least ignore the new guy.

We look at each other, ask ourselves if we're totally insane, and add Alven to the bunch. The family secretly wonders if they're witnessing our first steps into dog hoarding.

And that is how we became a family of five! In the words of the great Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Star Trek), "It seems that some creatures have the capacity to fill spaces you never knew were empty."


  1. what a great little group, and three is not a lot! Especially if they are little! :))

  2. They are all so cute. Is Dottie a doxie mix?

  3. We do wonder about your hoarding tendencies, but we wouldn't trade a single one of them, not even for more restful nights :) Can you even remember the boring life you had before the dogs? I sure can't!

    Aunt Nati

  4. whee! i love this post and seeing all the pictures! and we like star trek, too! thanks for sharing!! :)


  5. Love your family photo. What a great family you have.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  6. Hey Guys!
    My name is Jack, a black and ever-so-slightly tan doxie and I live in London, England, with my Daddies and we all just love reading your blog, hearing all about what you guys get up to. Much thanks to your Mum and Dad for putting your thoughts on here and their doggie photo-shoots.

    Lots of Licks, Jack

  7. What a great story!! I have three dogs too. :-)

  8. Thanks everyone for the great comments. It is hard to remember what it was like pre-pups. I think there was more sleep, but less fun.

    Elizabeth - Yes, Dottie is a doxie/corgi/lab mix and 100% crazy. Haha.

  9. Love my family!

  10. Every member of that family is a great part of the life of the others. That is a family