Sunday, March 21, 2010

Don't rain on my parade

Today we were supposed to go to the bird park so I could go bird and squirrel hunting. Well, technically, Mom says it's so we can get exposed to new experiences, and I can get used to being around more dogs and strangers, but I think my plan is much better. Anyway, I was so excited and spent all of Saturday practicing my "sneak and pounce" technique. I was feeling pretty good and woke up today ready to hit the road. Unfortunately, Mom said that the weather felt a little differently because it rained on and off the whole day. Now, anyone who knows me knows that I do not do rain. I don't care to get my paws wet and have some strong words for this weather person if we ever get the chance to meet. All my plans were for not and I was forced to spend the day inside where the only pouncing I could do was getting my blue blanket just the way I wanted.

Mom said we'll try and get to the park next weekend and I told her to make sure she didn't invite the weather along because he is a real party pooper.


  1. aw, rain is da pits! hang in there!!

    ps - is it my PC or did everybody make their blogs wider today? looks good, but what a coinkydink!!

  2. Darn liquid nitrogen drops!! They come here too - univited - and we make sure we let our hoomans know, in no uncertain terms - that we don't do wet!!
    So sorry you missed your pawsome day in the park - but we're keeping our paws crossed that next weekend - your Mom invites Mr.Sunshine along!

    (((Hugs)) your friends
    Oskar, Schatzi & Xena

  3. So sorry about the rain Flash. Hope next weekend is sunny.
    Love your new header picture.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  4. Cousin Flash, its me Maria...the one you hate the least. I have to tell you, you that this rain thing all backwards! The rain is awesome!! First, humans don't like rain either. They don't like to get wet, and so when they let you out to potty their guard is down, and they can't see much under those rain guard things they like to hide under. So!! can get away with soooo much more!!! Second, the smells are soooo gooood (momentary private time), the rain really brings them out. And last but not least!....the MUD PUDDLES! cousin flash they are the best! To splash and frolick and get mud in all the right places is soo much fun. Do try it cousin flash. And your humans will be so distracted trying not to get mud on themselves they don't catch you right away!! Ahh...the rain. I will have to teach you some day cousin when you come to VA.

  5. Do not worry Flash, you chance is coming soon! Get the storage ready for all the duck catching that will be going on.