Monday, March 8, 2010

Doggy Park Weekend

We have a doggy park right behind our house. I can literally see the park from my back windows and my yard, and it's a nice two minute walk from my door to the dog park gate. We like to take the dogs there for some play time when we don't have time to go all the way to the neighborhood dog park. But, usually it's just my three pups since it isn't a very developed park and most people in the community don't use it. It's just a fenced in area and a couple of benches. No trash cans, bag dispensers or water. So we always take our own gallon of water, a plastic bowl and poop bags. It's a good size though and Dottie and Alven enjoy running around, free to chase each other to their hearts content.

This weekend though, we met up with some of the neighborhood pups who we know from the other dog park and had a great time. All the pups had a lot of fun and the humans did some chit chatting and we're hoping to do it again next weekend. Most of the dogs are actually all still young pups who just turned one, or are about to. Alven is one of the older ones at two years old. Then we have the two old grumps, Flash who is nine and Angel, the cocker spaniel, who is ten. So there is a lot of running, wrestling and grass chewing.

My three are actually the smallest, but that doesn't stop any of them from having a good time. Dottie gets in there and wrestles with the best of them, often times being the one to start things rolling. Alven, being the ladies man that he is, gets right in there and starts handing out kisses from the second I take off his leash. He doesn't care that they could sit on him and squish him like a bug; there is enough Alven lovin' to go around. Flash doesn't care he's little since he just wanders around on his own and grumbles about how the whipper snappers are ruining everything.

Here is a picture of Angel. I just love her and that little old lady face she has. Check out the cute ear action going on in this picture!

I'm always hoping she and I will one day be friends and she'll let me pet her. Sadly, Angel does not care for me as you can see by the way she's ignoring me as if I don't exist. She only loves her mom and barely tolerates the rest of us. Which of course makes me love her even more because it reminds me so much of someone else I know...


  1. Angel is such a cutie! I had a Cocker Spaniel who acted just like that. Peaches was a sweetheart...but she pretended most people didn't exist! :-)

  2. oh little Angel! you're so lucky you have a dog park so close by.


  3. How cute! she looks almost like my cocker Rosie, but Rosie has that weird tupee thing going on on top of her head. Looks like fun was had by all, well most of the pups at least. I am sure Flash had fun grumbling at them all, that is his favorite pass time after all

    Aunt Nati

  4. Looks like a great time! Us doxies don't care about size....we think we are bigger than the big dogs!

  5. Great pictures!. It is great that you have your park at hand. Here in NY you will have to pack your puppies in the card and drive for a while to get to a doggy park. That is good opportunity to socialize your dogs including Flash.
    Dottie is the biggest at home but looks little beside those big dogs.