Thursday, January 7, 2010

So very sleepy

There are days when my schedule is so full it's hard to even squeeze in one more couch chewing session. I lead a pretty hectic lifestyle. Every day I need to make sure I wake up Alven by chewing on his ears, or legs, or face. Then I need to wake up my mom and dad and get them to take me to the bathroom. After that we go for our morning walk. Then I need to eat my breakfast and get some playing in before my morning nap. Then I alternate between chewing on my toys, taking a nap, asking for more food and just being as adorable as I possibly can. Then in the afternoon I have another walk, dinner and more playing with Alven. Then we might also do either heel training, or learn a new trick. At night my mom does her computer things and I guard the office, ask for hugs and do a lot of chewing and playing. So it's no surprise that by the time we're ready to go to bed I am all tuckered out. There have even been times that I'm so tired that I've fallen asleep without beating up Alven one last time. Crazyness! But it's important that I get my beauty sleep. Being this cute requires constant maintenance you know.


  1. You're lion is looking very cute in this picture. Unlce manny made a comment about how she kinda looks a little horshish...but he said that not me.

    Aunt Nati

  2. This is not showing your best side, but you make the point any way. we got it, you are a very bussy poppy.