Monday, January 11, 2010

Full Back Seat

The other day Mom and Dad let us go with them while they ran some quick errands in the car. We love going for car rides so we were super excited to go along. Dottie was acting a little too excited so Mom said that she better ride with us in the back as a sort of doggy wrangler. We didn't mind at all because we like it when she rides in the back with us. Whoever gets to sit next to her gets extra snuggle time so we all try and beat the others to the spot. This time Flash used his lightning quick reflexes and small body to squeeze under Dottie's legs and got to Mom first. Then I got past Dottie and tried to climb over Flash's head to get on Mom's lap, but she didn't think that was such a great idea. So, I was stuck in the second spot. Oh well, next time I'll just have to be quicker. Mom said it was funny that we ended up in size place order. I didn't think it was funny the way Dottie was squishing me, but I guess Flash probably thought the same thing about me. Mom said that if any of us got any bigger there might not be enough room for her to sit in the back with us anymore. I think that was a subtle hint at Dottie that she should maybe lay off the doggy biscuits. Mom took this picture while Dad ran into the store. He didn't come back with any treats which was disappointing, but probably a good thing for a certain puppy with a growing problem.


  1. hint hint Dottie!

  2. I cannot believe how much progress Flash has made!!...and how much progress progress Dottie has made!!. Soon the back seat will be only for her.