Tuesday, November 10, 2009

You called?

Oh hi there! Did you just call me? I thought I heard you say my name. No? Are you sure? Because I could have sworn you said "Dottie come here and finish eating this sandwich for me." Still no, huh? Think back really hard. I mean, these ears aren't just for decoration you know. So if there's any doubt in your mind I would just side with the ears and hand over the sandwich. Okay well I'll just sit here in case you remember calling me and want me to help you out with your lunch.

(commence intense puppy stare now)

Yep, I'll just be right here...the whole time...just sitting...


  1. Hi Cousin Dottie! Yeah the stare works! If you happen to have an ottoman or chair or couch near by that you can rest your head on while you give them the puppy stare, its like 100x more effective! Trust me! It says "I am but a pup, needing nurishment and food means love...food means love...don't you love me?" Then, blink really slowly like you are about to pass out from starvation, and if you weren't resting your head already you would collapse. No human can resist, they try but really its futile. Hope the tips help, keep me posted on your progress!

  2. I pretty sure I told you to go to your bed


  3. I'm pretty sure it will work, ...eventually.