Friday, October 23, 2009

My very own impersonator!

Look everyone I have my very own celebrity impersonator!

I didn't even know I was a celebrity. Crazyness!

This is Chuck (aka Chucky) and I met him today at the dog park. Doesn't he look just like me?!?!

He is five months old (so I guess we aren't long lost twins since I'm 8 months old now) and his people say he is a chow/german sheppard/something/something/something mix.

Of course, they wanted to know what I was and when my mom told them I was lab/corgi/doxie they started thinking maybe Chuck had some lab in him too because we have very similar markings. He is going to be taller than me though because at 5 months he is already my size. It doesn't matter though because I'll probably be smarter and I have a doxie pack to back me up.

It was a strange moment, I must admit, when I first got to the park and saw myself looking back at me through the gate.

Chucky and I became the best of friends. The little boy who owns him got confused and even called me Chucky a couple of times. My response was, "Hey Buddy, this is a pink collar with butterflies on my neck. I'm no Chucky!"

Here are more pictures of me and Chucky together. Can you tell who is who? Here's a hint: I'm the cuter one.


  1. hey wow! You are almost twins!!...but I really can't tell whos cuter!!

  2. Dottie X2 to much cuteness and to much crazyness!!!


  3. I really can't tell! I have to look for the pink color. Hilarious!

    Aunt Nati