Monday, October 19, 2009

A chill in the air

Winter is starting to creep up on us now. This weekend was very breezy and nice. We were able to go for long walks throughout the day and had a great time. Sunday, in the late afternoon, it started to get a bit chilly when we went to the doggy park and I was starting to shiver. My mom and dad said it was "sweater weather", but my sweater from last year (it was from Old Navy and I liked to call it my performance fleece) was chewed up a bit by my brother and sister. I was not amused. In order to rectify the situation they took all three of us on a shopping trip to Petco today in order to buy each of us a new sweater. I don't particularly enjoy wearing clothes, but it is definitely better than getting my tummy cold at the park. It also makes people want to pet me and tell me how cute I am which is never a bad thing. By the time we got home my mom said the good lighting was gone for a fashion photo shoot so she promised to take the pictures tomorrow. Stay tuned for some serious eye candy.

Flash's Tip Of The Day:
Wearing certain clothes might sometimes be embarrassing, but shivering is never sexy.


  1. I'm sure you'll all be absolutely adorable!

  2. Hi cousins! Grandma made me a great coat for the winters here in VA, and I have to admit I make quite the fashion statement when I go out. I have already managed to dirty it up and chew up/saliva up one end of it. So if you can get a sweater out of your parents I say go for it. I look forward to seeing the pics of all of you styling it up!


  3. If you stay warm you will be able to look for bird better!!!