Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rain or shine the doggy park is always fun!

August in Florida means hot, Hot, HOT! This also means that we aren't allowed to go to the doggy park until late in the afternoon. Yesterday though we had perfect doggy park conditions. The sun was out, but it was also cloudy because it was going to rain, and there was a very refreshing wind. As soon as my mom came home from work we were out the door and headed right for some doggy park fun. Woohoo!!! We were able to run and play (even Flash got feisty and ate some dirt) and didn't have to go back home until big rain drops started falling on our heads. Then we got to run home too! Much fun was had by all!

The wind plays with Flash's ears

The clouds keep the sun away and we can have some fun

The wind picks up and Alven gets a nice Farrah Fawcett look going

It starts to get really dark now, but we're not ready to go home just yet...
Just one more run around Dad! Look at Alven's ears take off!

Dog Pack Tip of the Day:
Bad weather isn't all bad. It can bring fun opportunities. Get out there and drink from a puddle!


  1. I can see in the pictures that a while in the park is pure action and fun!. I can not believe that much energy inside the house. you all are blessed.

  2. I am getting such a workout with you guys!