Thursday, August 27, 2009

Photo Diary Of My Trip To PETCO

Here I am on the way to Petco. My mom and dad called it a training and socialization trip. I called it a shopping and treat finding excursion.

I didn't know what these were, but I was sure I should get at least three. I mean who says no to a special? Not me.

With Halloween coming up soon I thought we should get a head start on decorating. We wouldn't want to wait till the late minute.

I don't know if I needed anything in this section, but I made sure to give everything a close inspection just in case.

I liked how they made the shelves roomy enough for me to get a real good look inside. Very helpful.

They said this was the cat aisle, but I couldn't find a cat anywhere. Believe me I made sure to do a thorough search.

False advertising! Isn't that illegal or something?

I definitely knew there was something in there that needed further investigation. Please note how I am continually being held back by my mom. I thought this trip was about widening my horizons! And right then my horizons were leading me towards some critters.

Okay mom, I have my food and my poop bags. We're ready to roll!

Then we had to do this line waiting thing before we could leave with my purchases. Look how well I did the waiting!

(Okay maybe I only sat for one second before I tried to squeeze myself under a stack of chew toys, but I think it still counts)

They also had excellent bathroom facilities, which I partook of before heading home.

Dottie Tip Of The Day:
Petco, I highly recommend it for all your shopping needs.


  1. You love go shoopping like every other girl, even if it's only to check things out. You never know when you will find something with you neame on it.

  2. Noone was looking at us only the Dot she seem to get everyone attention.